Raised Garden Bed


Introducing SunVara’s Cedar Raised Garden Bed – the perfect solution for growing your own vegetables, herbs, and flowers! Made from untreated and naturally rot-resistant Eastern Red Cedar, this modular planter is easy to assemble and stackable, giving you complete customization for your garden. Plus, with no harmful chemicals or toxins!

  • 100% Natural Eastern Red Cedar. This untreated and naturally rot-resistant wood is the ideal choice for your garden beds. No harmful or toxic chemicals near your veggies and fruits.
  • Modular Design. Our raised planter is stackable and can be easily placed side by side, allowing you to have the configuration that better adapts to your yard.
  • Easy Assembly. Our smart design requires no fasteners, screw guns, or any other tools. Assemble it, fill it with soil, and start growing!
  • Zero-Waste. Our packaging is 100% recyclable. Fit the cardboard shipping box into the bottom of your wood garden bed to suppress weeds.

Start growing with SunVara’s Cedar Raised Garden Bed! Made with natural, untreated Easter Red Cedar, our raised planter will have you growing your veggies, herbs, and flowers in no time. Its rot and weather-resistant wood make it a long-lasting gardening supply, while keeping your garden clean of toxic chemicals. The modular design of the Cedar Raised Garden Box allows you to stack it easily to create a custom configuration to fit your yard or garden. Want a rectangular planter? Buy two units and place them side by side, or stack them for a 24” raised bed. It’s very easy to move and assemble! The best of all? Our packaging is 100% recyclable! Use the cardboard shipping box to fit into the bottom of your raised bed to suppress weeds. You could even throw in our installation guide as it is printed on natural paper!



Cedar Wood


49 x 49 x 13.2 inches


‎‎59 pounds




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