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Wall Planters – Vertical Garden Planter 7 Pockets – Plant Wall Hanger


🪴 Smart Space Use: SunVara’s Wall Planters maximize vertical space, ideal for urban gardens and small areas.

Easy Installation: Our Plant Wall Hanger design ensures a hassle-free setup, allowing you to create a lush oasis with ease.

🌱 Beautify Your Spaces: Transform any fence or wall into a thriving vertical garden with our hanging wall planters, perfect for cultivating fresh herbs at your convenience.

🌺 Durable Materials: Made from sturdy materials, these wall-mounted planters withstand outdoor elements while adding a stylish touch to your space.

Wall Planters – Vertical Garden Planter 7 Pockets – Plant Wall Hanger

Take your gardening to new heights with SunVara’s Vertical Garden Planter and expand your green oasis  🌱

With its 7 convenient pockets, our Wall Planters let you grow a variety of plants vertically, saving precious floor space while creating a breathtaking living wall display.

Imagine transforming dull fences or barren walls into vibrant green havens. Hang our Plant Wall Hanger outdoors to craft a lush backdrop for your patio or balcony, adding a vibrant touch to your space. 

But don’t limit the beauty to the outside – bring the peace of nature indoors by installing it in your kitchen for easy access to fresh herbs, or in your living room to infuse your decor with a touch of greenery. With SunVara’s Vertical Garden Planter, the possibilities are endless! 

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this user-friendly solution makes vertical gardening accessible to all.

How to install SunVara’s Wall Mounter Planters

  1. Choose a sturdy wall or vertical surface where you’d like to install your Wall Planter – it could be an outdoor fence, patio wall, or even an indoor feature wall.
  2. Use the included hardware (screws, hooks, or brackets) to securely attach the wall-hanging planter to your chosen surface, ensuring it is level and firmly anchored to support the weight of soil and plants.
  3. Fill each pocket with nutrient-rich soil, leaving ample space for your plants to thrive.
  4. Select your favorite herbs, flowers, or succulents and plant them in the designated pockets, ensuring they have enough room to flourish.

Keep your plants hydrated according to their specific needs, ensuring proper drainage to prevent loss of water. 

Don’t forget to monitor their growth and prune as necessary to maintain the desired shape and health of your vertical garden.

With SunVara’s Balcony Planters, turning any space into a lush green paradise has never been easier. Watch your garden grow, one pocket at a time! 🌱

Product Details

Weight 0.675 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 12 × 43.5 in




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