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Plant Wall 64 Pockets


🌿 Maximize your Space: SunVara’s Wall Planters work magic, transforming any blank wall into a lively vertical garden, perfect for snug balconies, charming patios, or bustling urban gardens.

🌧️ Weather-Resistant: Crafted with high-quality materials, our Vertical Gardening Planter is built tough to withstand the elements. Your plants will flourish, rain or shine!

🧑‍🌾 Easy Setup and Care: Hanging our Plant Wall is a breeze – just pop it onto fences, walls, or railings. With its smart design, planting and watering are smooth sailing.

🌼 Add a Touch of Charm: Spruce up your space! Whether it’s your garden, balcony, or porch, our hanging garden brings a burst of personality and beauty.

🪴 Endless Planting Possibilities: Let your green thumb roam free! With 64 pockets to play with, grow your favorite veggies, herbs, and blooms, creating a captivating and diverse showcase of nature’s bounty.

Add style and substance to your outdoor oasis with SunVara’s Plant Wall!

Plant Wall 64 Pockets

Elevate your outdoor haven with SunVara’s Plant Wall!

Crafted for both convenience and beauty, our Wall Planter offers a versatile solution for maximizing your gardening potential.

Transforming your space is a breeze with our effortless setup. Simply hang the planters on any sturdy wall, fence, or railing using the included hooks or straps. Their lightweight design allows for easy movement and rearrangement, ensuring your garden suits your space perfectly. Plus, they’re low-maintenance, requiring only occasional watering for your plants to thrive in their vertical haven.

With 64 pockets, you’ll be able to cultivate a wide variety of plants, from vibrant flowers to fresh herbs and lush vegetables. Explore different combinations to create a stunning vertical display that harmonizes with your vibe 🌺

This plant wall hanger is ideal for small balconies, patios, or urban gardens, providing a space-saving alternative. It saves precious floor space while adding a touch of greenery to any wall! And since it’s made from durable materials, it’ll thrive in any outdoor environment, season after season.

But they’re not just practical, our hanging planters also serve as decorative accents, adding visual interest and charm to your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking to spruce up a bland wall or create a stunning focal point, SunVara’s vertical garden planter delivers style and substance, ensuring your outdoor oasis is both beautiful and functional.

Product Details

Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 10.5 × 4.5 in

Felt Fabric



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