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Pump Sprayer – Pressure Spray Pump – 1/2 Gallon Garden Sprayer


💧 Smooth Pumping: The SunVara Pump Sprayer bottle makes pumping a breeze, guaranteeing precise and consistent spraying for all your gardening tasks.

🚿 Great Capacity: With its 1/2 gallon tank, this Pressure Sprayer holds enough liquid for extended use without constant refills, saving you time and effort in the garden.

🛠️ Easy to Use: Just a simple pumping action pressurizes the tank! Plus, our Garden Sprayer comes with an adjustable nozzle for customized spray patterns, ensuring perfect results every time with minimal fuss.

🔄 Multiple Applications: Whether you’re caring for plants or tackling household chores, our Spray Pump is your all-in-one solution for gardening or household needs, offering reliability and flexibility with every spray.

Pump Sprayer – Pressure Spray Pump – 1/2 Gallon Garden Sprayer

Time to elevate your gardening and household chores game!

SunVara’s Pump Sprayer is your all-in-one solution for outdoor spraying. Its streamlined design combines efficiency, convenience, and durability.

Thanks to its efficient pumping action, this Pressure Sprayer ensures every spray is precise and consistent, whether you’re watering your flowers, herbs, and plants or warding off pests. And with a generous 1/2 gallon tank, you’ll cover more ground without constantly refilling, giving you more time to enjoy your garden and less time worrying about running low on liquid.

Let’s talk plants 🌱 Say goodbye to wasted water and hello to lush, thriving greenery. Simply use the spray pump to hydrate your plants directly at the root level, promoting healthy growth and saving precious resources in the process.

But SunVara’s sprayer isn’t just for gardening. With its large capacity tank, it’s your trusty companion for tackling all kinds of outdoor projects without missing a beat. Whether you’re fertilizing, cleaning, or maintaining your garden tools, this sprayer has got you covered.

Using it is a breeze. Fill the tank with your liquid of choice—water, fertilizer, or cleaning solution—then pump the handle to pressurize. Adjust the nozzle to your preferred spray pattern, and voilà! You’re ready to conquer your outdoor tasks with precision and ease.

Perfect for gardens, lawns, and any outdoor space, this Pressure Spray Bottle is your go-to companion for keeping your plants healthy and vibrant through every season.

Product Details

Weight 0.85 lbs
Dimensions 4.9 × 12.6 in


Tank Capacity

.5 Gallons (2L)