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Electric Uncapping Knife – Honey Bee Supplies – Beekeeping Tools


🔪 Effortless Honey Extraction: By quickly heating up and maintaining a steady temperature for seamless uncapping, SunVara’as Electric Uncapping Knife simplifies your honey harvesting process.

🌡️ Safe and Controlled Heating: Equipped with precise temperature control, the knife automatically shuts off if it gets too hot, protecting both you and the quality of your honey.

🐝  Gentle Handling: Our knife is engineered to minimize damage to the delicate honeycomb structure, ensuring more intact combs and higher honey yields.

💪 Durable and Reliable: Built with a solid wood handle and stainless-steel blade, SunVara’s heated knife is designed for long-lasting use. 

Electric Uncapping Knife – Honey Bee Supplies – Beekeeping Tools

Extracting honey has never been easier with SunVara’s Electric Uncapping Knife! 🔪 

Streamline your beekeeping process and say goodbye to the tedious, time-consuming task of manually uncapping honeycombs. This versatile honey knife is an essential addition to your beekeeping tools. Whether you’re harvesting honey or maintaining your hive, SunVara’s heated knife ensures efficiency and precision in every task.

Our Electric Uncapping Knife is thoughtfully designed with the delicate structure of honeycombs in mind, minimizing damage during the uncapping process and preserving the integrity of your honeycombs. Safety is a top priority, and this knife features precise temperature control to heat just enough to glide effortlessly through wax without overheating.

The SunVara Uncapping Knife heats up quickly and maintains a constant temperature between 280 °F and 320 °F, offering a more convenient solution than manual honey-cutting knives. With a maximum temperature of 320 °F, it’s designed to automatically switch off if it gets too hot, ensuring safe operation.

The knife features a solid wood handle and a stainless-steel blade for durability and comfort. The power connector is securely fixed to prevent any electricity leaks, and it comes with a standard 110V American plug.

Elevate your beekeeping experience with SunVara’s Electric Uncapping Knife, designed for ease, efficiency, and safety in your honey extraction process.

⚠️ Please notice

    1. Do not touch the blade when it is powered on. During use, be careful not to burn your hand or surrounding objects.
    2. Cut off the power after use. Pull out the electric bee knife device to cool for 15 minutes before storing.
    3. Do not immerse in water.

Product Details

Weight 1.15 lbs
Dimensions 17.3 × 2 × 2 in
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