Hive Multifunction Tool


High-quality stainless-steel Hive Combination Claw Tool, its lebeveled scraper and hook design prevent damage to your beehive frames. Its multifunctional shape allows you to use it as a J or L hook, cutter, frame lifter, and more. Make your beekeeper routine effortless with this practical beekeeping tool!

Pieces: 1

  • Must-Have Hive Combination Claw Tool. This beehive tool is essential for every beekeeper. With its combined J and L hooks shape you’ll be able to maintain your hives without any damage!
  • High-Quality Design. Made from polished high-quality stainless steel, our Hive Tool will give years of reliable use.
  • Multifunctional Bee Hive Frame Tool. Use the J hook as a hive tool frame lifter, and the L hook to cut beeswax. You can use the hole to hang it or as a nail or stapler puller. Just flip it around to have a different beekeeping tool!
  • Bee Hive Scrapper Tool. Use the scrapper or the L hook to scrap propolis or wax from undesired areas of the hive.
  • Minimize Beehive Damage. The scraper is beveled, providing scraping without damaging the wood surface of your beehive. The hook design prevents damage to frames when unsticking and lifting.

Get ready to easily maintain your bee hives! Our Hive Tool Combination’s practical shape will improve your beekeeper routine. This beekeeping tool can be used as a J or L hooks hive tool, a cutter bee hive, a bee hive frame lifter, a craw hive tool or as a scrapper tool.

Use the J hook shape to lift frames or for extra leverage, or flip it around to use the L hook to cut beeswax or as a scraping tool.

The scrapper allows you to remove accumulated propolis, wax, or honeycomb with ease.



Stainless Steel


6.5 x 2 x 10.6 inches


7 ounces






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