Bee Water Dispenser


SunVara’s Bee Water Feeders offer an easy-to-use, safe, and efficient way to provide clean water to your bees. The package includes two pieces, and the feeding tray distributes water evenly. Keep your hive healthy and productive!

Pieces: 2

  • Easy-to-Use. Just fill the cup of your Bee Water Feeder, screw it onto the tray, flip it over, and place near your beehive.
  • Safe for Bees. The bumps and indentations of the base prevent bees from drowning. The closed inverted design prevents debris from accumulating in the water and mosquitoes from breeding.
  • Easy to Monitor. The design allows you to observe how much water is remaining without disturbance to the hive. To increase the flow of the water, slightly unscrew the cup from the base.

Maintain a healthy, productive beehive! SunVara’s Bee Water Feeder portions out clean water safely and efficiently to ensure your bees have plenty of water. You can easily control the water drips of the bee water dispenser by adjusting the tightness of the bottle. Each bee hive drink dispenser comes with two parts: a clear water cup and a feeding tray. The unique tray design allows the water to distribute evenly, providing a larger surface area for multiple bees to use at the same time. Package includes 2 pieces.





6.7 x 2.5 x 10.5 inches


5.8 ounces


White & Yellow




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