Bee Brush


Our Bee Brush is made from all-natural materials, is environmentally friendly, and built to last for years. The soft nylon bristles and strong wooden handle make for simple, effective brushing that won’t harm the bees.

  • All-Natural Materials. SunVara’s beehive brush is made from environmentally friendly materials built to last. You won’t need a replacement for years!
  • Simple, Effective Brushing. The long, soft nylon bristles allow a gentle sweep, and the strong wooden handle provides an excellent grip.
  • Essential Beekeeper Tool. This hive brush will remove the bees without harming them so you can easily harvest honey, clean your beehive or perform routine checks. A must-have for every beekeeper!

The simplest tools can do wonders! SunVara’s Bee Brush will allow you to perform routine checks and maintain your beehive without any harm to the bees. The soft bristles of the beehive brush gently sweep off the bees without any harm to them or the hive frames. Its wooden handle provides an excellent grip, and its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around. Get the best bee brush and enjoy the beekeeper's life!



Nylon bristles and wood handle


3.9 x 1.1 x 17.0 inches


3.52 ounces




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